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Updated Secure School Entry Procedures

In our ongoing efforts to provide the safest and most secure environment for our students, we have added a new secure vestibule at our front entrance. Please follow the procedures listed below to enter the building:

  • As you approach the school, the door on your left will be unlocked during school/BASE hours. 
  • If you are coming to volunteer and have had your license scanned, you may enter your information into the computer, and press the doorbell to be admitted to the office.  If you have not been to the school or have not had your license scanned, please ring the doorbell.  Please make sure to bring your ID with you.
  • The BASE Program will  answer the doorbell for their families and admit them into the building.  
  • The doorbell is now located inside the vestibule on the brick wall. 
  • An office member will release the door which will allow building access.  Please do not hold the door open or open the door for others. 
  • If you are dropping off a lunch, homework, etc., please label the item and put it in the secure box next to the computer.  The box will be periodically checked and items delivered to your child. You do not need to call the office.  
  • As an added safety precaution and to help avoid distractions during instruction, we do not allow visitors to the classroom, down the hall, or to the restroom.  If you would like to meet with your child's teacher or have agreed to volunteer, please make arrangements in advance. 

Thank you for your support in keeping our students safe.