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Community Use Activities

Scheduled through the district Community Use Department, several after school activities are available for students.  These activities are organized and ran by outside companies who contract through...

Floor Hockey

Students in grades 3-5 love the after school floor hockey program.  Floor hockey takes place beginning in November and culminates with a tournament in April.  

Morning Flat 14ers

The Morning Flat 14ers Club is designed to give students a chance to improve their health and wellness and have some fun doing it. Students earn steps with each workout which we use to help "climb"...

Morning Walkers

Brain research has proven that a physically fit person has a greater chance of learning and picking up new information. It has also been proven that walking for up 10 minutes or going a mile a day...

Nitro Ball

Nitro Ball is an exciting game that is a spin-off from volleyball.  Teams of students in grades 3-5 play after school during September and October. 

Student Council

Our Student Council is made up of third, fourth, and fifth graders who represent both their own class and a kindergarten, first, or second grade class.  Students who are elected to serve on the...