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Ms. Millsapps' Art Studio


Hello Hunters Glen Art Bears! Welcome to my Remote Learning Page!

First, know that I miss all of you very much and hope you are all safe and healthy while we are apart. No matter how far away we may be, I am still thinking about each of you and care very much. While we art apart, I hope that we can find a way to continue making and sharing our art through this unique time of learning.

Office Hours for this Week: 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 12:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8:00 - 10:00 a.m.

If you have questions or comments, you may contact me by email (Please try not to contact me on Class Dojo as that may be a way you contact your son or daughters classroom teacher.)

Join your grade level Google Classroom for Art, Music and P.E.

Join your grades Google Classroom using the key below!
Your teacher should be sending you a link to join the "Specials" Google Classroom as well!

Kinder: chby5ji                              In this classroom, you can interact directly with Me,
1st: iabkje5                                      Mr. G, and Ms. Millsapps! You will get fun activities for 
2nd: hxlv7d5                                   Music, Art, and PE to try while we are learning remotely.
3rd: r6immw4         
4th: qucqk3r                                    You can also interact with your other classmates and share
5th: r7itjvy                                       your activities with your class. Can't wait!

If you need any help connecting to Google Classroom, send Mrs. Posey an email at . She is the MASTER of this and can step you through. Mrs. Posey also has also created two instructional videos for help with getting connected and joining the ART, MUSIC and PE Google Classrooms for your grade level. Click on one of the links below for instructions:

Help for Kindergarten and 1st grade to connect to Google Classroom for specials.

Connecting to Google Classroom by Mrs. Posey

In Your Art Google Classroom you will find your art assignments and choices for each week under two headings: STREAM, or CLASSWORK. When you are in STREAM  you should scroll through all of the Art, Music, and P.E. options. You can choose anything for ART to do from there. When you are in CLASSWORK you will find specific assignments that I would like you to do each week. I will be posting new options for art everyweek.

  • Learn about and explore art from your home learning space or from your backyard? Here is a list filled with descriptions of some options you will be able to choose from for enjoying and creating art at home!

Student choices for exploring, enjoying and creating art might include any of the following:

  1. Art Contests: submit your art for cash prizes (check deadline dates and age categories)

  2. Museums and Travel: take a virtual field trip to museums around the world and even stream Operas on your TV

  3. Art Games: compete against yourself and others

  4. Digital Art: create art on your device

  5. Art Education: learn about art

  6. Art at Home: Art tutorials and prompts for you to create where you are and How to make your own art materials at home:

  7. Mindful Activities: Stay Socially and Emotionally Healthy

  8. Authors and Illustrators and Literature: Cross-disciplinary art Connections

  9. Math and Science: Cross-disciplinary art Connections and Lessons

  10. Origami and Paper Folding: Explore and Learn

  11. Architecture: Learning about and Creating Buildings of your own

  12. Art Materials Recipes for Supplies you can make at home: including salt dough, paint, glue, soap blowing bubbles and even homemade hand sanitizer for times such as this.

How to Select the Art Projeccts or Activities that you plan to work on for the week:

Go to your Google Classroom and explore your options:

  • ***Choose two or more art projects or activities to work on each week from the art links that are provided for you at the beginning of the week. You should spend at least 20 minutes a day working on a project or activity. You may spend more time if you choose to. The time you spend can be either exploring, reading about or doing some sort of an art project or activity. As long as it is related to Art, it counts.

  • Click on the art activity links and expore the links to decide which activities you would like to do for the week. You should work on your art projects or actvities for at least two and one half hours each week. You may take more time if you have time.begin enjoying art from your home.

  • Dear Parents:***Some of these art lessons can be self-directed by students while others may require adult supervision, guidance, or some assistance.

  • Some lessons are designed for an art classroom but can be adapted for a Home Learning Setting. Keep in mind that some of these lessons may require home variations by the self-directed, older learner or an adult.

  • Most of these lessons only require the use of simple white Xerox paper and simple materials you might already have at home.  Some lessons are indoor lessons, some are outdoor lessons, some are independent lessons and some lessons you may do with your brothers and sisters or with your whole family. Some lessons require the use of a cell phone for taking photos and such. Some lessons have video links or slide shows embedded for students to watch before starting the lesson.  

Advice to Students: Doodle! Research published in the latest edition of the journal Science challenges the anti-doodling stance. It contends that not only can doodling help students to learn, but that drawing is an important tool for scientific discovery.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. A 'beautiful oops!' can result in an amazing work of art.

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