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Fifth -Grade News

Please read below to see what is happening in our classrooms this month.

Fifth-Grade News 8/28/18

The first three weeks of school have flown by so fast!  We as teachers have gotten to know our students, and we hope that the opposite is true.  A lot of time and effort have gone into reinforcing positive behavior and also developing an understanding of expectations in and out of the classroom.  Our students are accumulating “Beat the Teacher” and Class Dojo points to earn rewards for exhibiting positive behavior, and we expect that this will result in our students being ready to learn without distractions and interruptions.

We are well into our first math unit.  Our focus has been area of two-dimensional shapes and volume of three- dimensional objects.  Our students have learned various methods for solving area and volume problems.

In social studies our classes have been fine tuning their mapping skills with our geography overview unit.  Our next focus will be American Indians and their habitats. We will learn about housing, clothing, and artifacts that are unique to one of seven cultural regions.

Our English Language Arts (ELA) studies have included a practice personal narrative before beginning the formal instruction of our first writing unit which focuses on the format and mechanics of writing personal narrative. In reading we have been reviewing story elements as well as focusing on the theme of stories and how a character’s point of view can impact the theme.  We have been reading excerpts from the classic novel, Number the Stars by Lois Lowry.  Many students are now interested in reading the complete novel.  

We look forward to our first science unit, Properties of Matter.  We will begin this the week of September 10th.

Things have certainly been exciting in fifth grade so far.  We have so much excitement yet to come.

The Fifth-Grade Team

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