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Morning Walkers

Brain research has proven that a physically fit person has a greater chance of learning and picking up new information. It has also been proven that walking for up 10 minutes or going a mile a day can improve your brain’s function, which on average can only process new information for about 20 minutes before it needs a boost of the neurochemical it needs for learning to happen. Exercise aids in the release of these neurochemicals. That being said, starting August 21st, I will be offering a morning mileage club for any students interested in grades K – 5 every Monday and Wednesday morning when students have school. Students can come walk, run, jog or a little of everything. Please fill out the attached permission slip and return it to Mr. G anytime throughout the 2016 - 2017 school year. Parents, you may come join us if you would like. Please refer to my calendar if you are unsure if we are meeting. We also have a new starting time 6:50 to 7:20. As always you can show up anytime during the class and get as many laps in as possible.
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