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At Hunters Glen Elementary, we follow the Colorado Academic Standards for all subjects.  You can view the Colorado Academic Standards by visiting the Colorado Department of Education website or by clicking here.  We use only district approved curriculum to teach our students.  Additional district curriculum information can be found on our district website.


Hunters Glen Elementary and Adams 12 Schools uses Everyday Math 4 for students in grades K-5.  Developed by The University of Chicago, School Mathematics Project, the Everyday Mathematics spiral curriculum continually reinforces abstract math concepts through concrete real-world applications.  A link to the EDM4 website for more information can be found here.

English Language Arts (Reading and Writing)

Hunters Glen Elementary and Adams 12 schools uses a structured literacy approach, in order to ensure all students are learning and progressing in the English Lanuague Arts (ELA) Standards.  Sturctured Litearcy Instruction includes Phonics, Interactive Read Aloud, Shared Reading, Small Group Work, Independent Reading, Shared Writing, Interactive Writing, Guided Writing, Indpendent Writing, and Word Study.  Our writing curriculum is a district approved and created writing program that teachers have been using for several years.

Additionally, Hunters Glen teachers in Grades K-2, teach daily, explicit Phonemic Awareness lessons, using the district purchased Heggerity Curriculum.

Hunters Glen Elementary ensures all teachers are continually updated on the latest and best practices.  This is most commonly done through the Wednesday Early Release Days.  While students are released at 1:45 each Wednesday, teachers are receiving either district or building provided professional development to enhance their skills, which results in better learning by students.