Be the B.E.A.R.

On Wednesday, August 23rd, students participated in Hunters Glen 'Be the Bear' Assembly.  Be the Bear is Hunters Glen's school motto about student expectations.  It stands for:

B e

E xcellent

A cademic

R espectful

We feel these characteristics of what we expect from our students can encompass all parts of their day.  Students are able to earn 'Bear Bucks' for individual positive behavior and classrooms can earn 'Bear Paws' when their entire class is doing outstanding work.  Students can trade Bear Bucks in to the Bear Cart for prizes of their choosing.  Classrooms have goals of how many Bear Paws need to be given before a class reward is earned.

In addition to the rewards, students were taught the strategy of STOP, TALK, and WALK.  This strategy is used when students are being bothered by others or students feel they are being bullied.

Teachers will then follow up with a few class lessons expanding the information in the assembly.  Please see this link for access to the presenation done by Katie Reed, School Psychologist.  By viewing it, you can reinforce the expectations for your student(s) and remind them how to respectfully stand up to those who are bothering them. Please feel free to reach out to Katie or Chris Blados, school principal, about any questions.