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December 2018 Newsletter

Dear Hunters Glen Families,

December is here already - we cannot believe it!  It seems to us that this school year has flown by.  With December coming, please remember that students have outside recess as long as it is above 20 degrees, inclusive of wind chill.  Please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing and outerwear to be outside. Additionally, our lost and found is overflowing with coats, gloves, hats, etc!  If your child has lost an item, tell them to ask their teacher to search through lost and found, or come look for yourself. We plan on having the items displayed on tables for our Winter Class Parties on Thursday, December 20th.  All items left when school ends on this date will be donated to a charity.

A huge thank you to our Hunters Glen PTO for providing the funding to allow Opera Colorado to visit our school and do two performances of an opera version of Hansel and Gretel.  Students in all grades were mesmerized by the wonderful performance. Thank you for supporting our PTO through fundraisers and spirit nights. This performance for our students is just one of the many ways that your support of our PTO enhances students’ experiences.

Parking Lot Safety and Parking

We have recently seen an increase of vehicles parking along the sidewalks of the parking lot, rather than in open parking spots.  All curb parking needs to be reserved for school or daycare buses.  Additionally, several vehicles have been lining up next to the buses, behind the cones to wait to exit the parking lot.  This is a fire/safety hazard as it will prevent any emergency or safety vehicles from being able to access the parking lot due to back up.  If you arrive early enough to park in our parking lot, please ensure that it is in an actual parking spot, not the curbs, and that you stay in that parking spot until cones are removed.  All of our parking lot rules are designed to provide a safest dismissal procedure as possible for our students and families. Please share this with anyone who picks up your child.

During the last day week of December, some students will be chosen to participate in a special activity for their good behavior.  Class Dojo points will be used to determine which students can participate. This is a reward for our students who regularly and consistently behave well and earn Dojo Points for their behavior.  Not all students will participate. Students not participating are not punished, they just continue with their regular school day. We will have other opportunities later in the year for students to earn other rewards, in addition to classroom rewards that all students receive.

Lastly, on behalf of the entire staff of Hunters Glen Elementary, I wish your family a safe, enjoyable, and restful Winter Break.  For those that celebrate the various Winter Holidays, we hope that they are joyful and allow you opportunities to celebrate with your families and other loved ones!

If you ever have any questions, concerns, or points of clarification, please never hesitate to call the school.  Thank you for your support!


Christopher J. Blados, Principal
Hunters Glen Elementary

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